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I am totally committed to supporting you to reach your health goals

Do you wish that food could be easy; that you could just eat a wide variety of foods and not suffer with cravings, hormonal imbalance, health issues, illness, pain and inflammation or achieve your weight loss goals without continuous restriction? If so, you’re not alone.

My programme is designed to improve your health and well-being so that you can regain control of your life. 

Developing new habits and a fresh mindset doesn’t happen overnight.  The best way to reach your health goals is with support over a period of time.

Get in touch today and take back control of your health 

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Foundation to unlock your health


When you need to improve your health,  developing new habits and a fresh mindset doesn’t happen overnight. My experience is that the best way to reach your health goals is with specialist support over a period of time.

With a bespoke nutrition, lifestyle plan and health coaching.


We work closely with you providing the support, motivation and accountability you need to reach your health goals.

This programme is designed to help you learn how to fuel and support your body so that you feel rebalanced and take back control of your health, 


Online  1 initial nutrition consultation 60 min 

2 online follow-ups 45 min 

This will allow you to start your health journey, with my coaching and support 

Preparing Healthy Food

The Secret to feel amazing

This is the more popular package. Everything you need to learn to finally get rid of this stubborn weight, especially around the middle, have more energy, better digestion, stop the brain fog, and feel fantastic in your 40s and beyond.


Learn to support your body when ageing with nutrition and lifestyle. ​Once your programme has finished, you’ll have the tools and desire to maintain the wonderful changes in your life.


Now just imagine this :

  • You’re back in your favourite jeans 

  • The bloating you’ve had for years has gone.​

  • Your sleep is so much better and you wake up refresh ​​

  • Your hot flushes have disappeared and you know how to manage it​

  • You wake up full of energy and no more afternoon slump

  • You feel calm and confident, focused and clear-headed.​

  •  You’ve found a way of eating that suits you

  • You feel empowered and educated about what to eat and how to assemble your meals​​

This programme is for you if you want to lose weight, fix your health stop feeling exhausted, and start feeling confident and in control so you live the life you love.


What you will learn:

  • Losing weight without counting calories, or points 

  •  Easy way to make simple and delicious meals that keep you feeling full all day with no more cravings

  • Reduce stress and anxiety 

  • The secret to all long-energy

  • How to keep the bloat away

  • Ways to have a long night's sleep 

  • Accountability and education so you have the secret for life 

​​This programme includes:

1 online Initial  consultation 60-min  

5 follow -up 45 min​

Emails between appointment 

Payment plan available 


One-off 75-minute Nutrition Recommendation

If you have 1 symptom bothering you and would like to come up with a nutrition & and lifestyle strategy to help you. Then this one-off 75-minute intensive session. 

Based on filling out a simple health questionnaire and a 3-day food diary, Together we developed a personalised action plan that included change in diet and lifestyle.

The complete transformation makeover  

This is for you  however, the health condition you have, if you want to lose weight, wake up full of energy, beat the bloating feeling, bounce out of bed and finally have your life back.

My signature 12-week 1:1 private nutrition coaching programme for peri and menopausal who are ready to start getting back to normal and feeling like their old selves again. Working with me in a series of sessions allows us to uncover the underlying causes of your symptoms and provides sufficient time for the changes to make a noticeable difference.

Metabolic Balance takes into account 36 of your blood markers, your body measurements, any conditions you may have, as well as your food preferences, to formulate a plan just for you. 

Metabolic Balance helps you to achieve your ideal weight, but it is also used by people who want to benefit from its hormone-balancing and anti-inflammatory effects. It is not exclusively a weight loss programme. As you progress with your plan, we will aim to measure your success against your personal health goals, which we will discuss and set during your first appointment. Our final consultation will be focused on strategies to ensure that the health benefits you are achieving, are sustainable in the long term. 

How the programme works:

The programme consists of weekly 7 one-to-one online  consultations. 

The consultations take place over a period of 3 months.

Please note that blood tests need to be carried out for this programme. We can arrange for a blood pack to be sent to you for your Doctor or Superdrug to take the blood and you would then send these back to the lab in London using the mailing pack. Or you can visit the lab in Wimpole Street, London.

The total price includes the blood testing, meal plan,  7 fortnight consultations + initial chat, ongoing support and a Talita machine for accuracy weighting. 

I take on clients for the 3 Month Programme on a case-by-case basis and have limited spaces. I will need to assess that this programme is suitable for you and that you are also happy to work with me for 3 months and ready to commit.

A Metabolic Balance plan is individually tailored to your needs and based on scientific research. Originally developed by German doctors, it is now offered internationally including in the UK, being offered by trained medical professionals and registered nutritional therapists.

Metabolic Balance has been going for more than 20 years with over 1 million satisfied customers.  

 Please contact me to arrange a no obligation call, so that I can give you more information, answer any questions and discuss how this may help you. You can also learn more about Metabolic Balance at

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