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Not feeling yourself anymore?
Are you taking on weight, especially around the middle that you just can't shift, maybe you have digestive issues and you're constantly lacking energy and motivation  ?

When we reach 40, is normal to be looking after our family, working and not taking time for ourselves. Fatigue, digestive upset, excess weight, especially around the middle mood swings, cravings and digestive issues (IBS). Maybe you tried everything and nothing worked. Yes, healthy eating and daily movement are vitally important, but what if the exercises and  ‘healthy’ foods you’re eating just simply aren’t the right ones for your unique biochemistry? Or perhaps you’re eating the wrong quantity of food at the wrong times. 

Fall Summer Day

Just imagine feeling confident within your body,  having your vitality back,  saying bye-bye to brain fog,  better digestion,  losing a few pounds, and finally feeling yourself again. Mostly being educated and empowered about what to eat for better health. Now is the time to take control of your health 

Can you relate to these symptoms?

You just can’t shift weight, despite not changing your diet

You feel tired from the morning with the afternoon slump 

You have no motivation and rely on coffee and sugar to get through the day

You feel like you are going on a roller coaster with your emotions  

You forget words or conversations mid-sentence

Brain fog and difficulty concentrating 

You have PMS and PMDD

PCOS and heavy period 

Feel bloated and have digestive issues (IBS)

You can see your body changing and maybe taking on weight, especially around the middle despite reducing your calories 


 Sarah Kennedy, mBANT, CNHCreg

Registered Nutritional Therapist, Certified Metabolic Balance Coach & Health Coach

I support busy women who want to feel themselves again by changing the way they eat.  Lose weight, regain their energy and vitality, clear brain fog, beat the bloat and improve digestion, better skin, and feel amazing every day with simple and achievable nutrition and lifestyle changes.  I am delighted to be a fully trained and certified Metabolic Balance practitioner, offering the award-winning weight-loss and hormone-balancing programme Metabolic Balance. This a personalised 3-month healthy eating plan offering long term sustainable results. Blood tests are used to check the exact foods, which will best suit your metabolism and your unique needs. 

It's time to press the reset button

It is possible to feel great again and be back to yourselves with small and achievable nutrition and lifestyle change. 

Could this be you?

  • Wakening refreshed and with a spring in your step

  • Finally take control of your health and lose weight by nourishing your body 

  • More energy and says bye-bye to the afternoon slump

  • Clear-headed, feeling healthier and  great in your skin

  • Free from discomfort and embarrassing gut symptoms

  • Feeling calm and , empowered and enlightened ready to live your best life​

Your free Ebook!

Once women hit their 40s, they typically gain an average of 1lb a year so you could easily be a stone heavier by the time you reach 55.

Download your E-Book. The secret to weight loss in your 40s and beyond to understand more about what's going on and what you could do to start your health journey 

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